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About Kee Nguyen

Kee Nguyen is a Malaysian Vietnam Coffee startup founded by 2 Malaysian founders,
Radius Khor and Henry Tan who are both formally full time Graphic Designers but now fully dedicated to make quality and fresh affordable coffee to Malaysians for their everyday life. We have been selling Vietnamese style coffee successfully for the past 1 year since June 2019 and have built a loyal following of returning regulars as well as new customers every single day .

Kee Nguyen positioned themselves as a Vietnamese Street Coffee vendor just like how it is in the streets of Vietnam where authentic and good coffee is available in every corner.

Since we started back in June 2019 our clear goal in mind is for our customers to feel like they are back in Vietnam the moment they took a first sip of our coffee.

Origins Of Our Coffee

Kee Nguyen’s Coffee Beans are imported directly from a farm in Lam Dong Province, Da Lat which is the coffee kingdom of Vietnam. The beans consist of a mixture of Robusta & Arabica together with Cacao and Salt. The powder is a result of a fine grinding method that gives a strong aroma and a distinctive taste to the coffee.
Just Like In Vietnam

We always make sure every sip taken from our coffee reminds them like they are back in Vietnam

Genuinely Affordable

We priced all our coffee reasonably to make sure people can afford it daily

Fully Barista Made

Every cup of coffee served by us are fully prepared fresh with passion and feelings by our barista on site

Special Coffee Menu

For those who are more adventurous with their coffee, we got you Vietnam’s speciality like Yogurt, Egg and Coconut Coffee

100% Authentic & Non-Artificial

Every drip of our coffee served are all brewed and extracted straight from the beans

Coffee On The Go

Time is hardly on our side in our busy world today so we got you with coffee on the go


Get the ready-to-drink 500ml bottled Vietnamese Black Coffee for your personal home coffee leisure

Corporate Catering

We do coffee catering for corporate meeting in offices and events

Coffee Powder

Brew your own Vietnamese Coffee with Kee Nguyen’s finest coffee Powder

Events Pop-Up

Book us as the Barista-on-site for your events now

The Coffee Story

There’s no ending to the topic when it comes to coffee and here we’ve got a lot to talk about esepcially Vietnamese Coffee
  • Can't work without a good coffee to keep you awake throughout the day? Get yours today and slowly sip it while getting your work done. Good news to all our Kee’pers who loved the 500ml bottled Vietnamese Black Coffee, it

  • Tears of joy when tasted Egg Coffee for the first time her in life. A lot have been asking us 'you guys put egg on a coffee?? Yes but only the egg yolk that is being beaten to its finest

  • Cà Phê Sa Đá is pronounced as ‘car fay ser da’ Vietnamese Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk is so consumable that even people who do not drink coffee or can’t drink coffee, loves it


Wow! Smell & taste so good. I love it . Perfecto

Vincentino Yeo Koh

Real bean real taste imported from 🇻🇳..... 2 years been drinking till now.


I will always remember that you make the most flavoursome and aromatic coffee for me at work... the best Vietnamese coffee by far!!! Keep up the good work 👍

CheeWei Cheang

Very delicious Vietnamese coffee... Various types are available. 😀

Gözde-Erman Ağaoğlu

I don’t drink coffee but Vietnamese coffee YES I DO!

Aaron Li

Awesome from the first sip. Special brew with a tinge of Vietnamese love fused with 100% sincerity. Please taste all the ranges to hat they have to offer. Affordable and awesome from the begining. Will my coffee fix from now onwards.

Stalin Mark

Exactly like it is at Vietnam! Feels like I’m back there.

Zarra Rawi

I threw away all my 3 in 1 coffee packets after I tasted the coffee here

Mike Leang

Amazing vietnamese coffee just near our office ^^

Ira Xase

Really good coffee! Generous portion as well. Can't wait to come back!

Natasha Ann Culas

This Vietnam coffee is my all time favourite... I really love their black coffee... highly recommended and the price is cheaper that famous retail chains

Meilain Chong

Authentic Vietnamese coffee right smack in Klang Valley. Best coffee outside of Vietnam!

Marcus Tan

One of the best ! I highly recommend you to pay a visit

Georgia Ian Jr.

Tasting Is Believing

Be it Vietnamese Coffee with Condensed Milk, Black, or Latte, we have something for everyone and even special coffees. Our Kee’pers normally begins with Càphê Sữa Đá.

Our Loyal Kee'pers

We named all our loyal believing customers, Kee’pers